About Us

Aluminium Innovation GmbH is a leading company in Aluminium industry that provides Aluminium solutions in high quality standards to meet construction and industrial sectors demand.

Aluminium Innovation GmbH fulfils the need of construction industry including but not limited to profiles, wall and corner protection systems, aluminium entrance mats systems, stair nosing Profiles, transition and elevation difference profiles, ceramic & terrazzo drywall profiles and waterslag and copping systems.

In order to adhere to the tenet of “first class quality and to evolve a corporate brand”, Aluminium Innovation GmbH has established long-term and stable partnerships with Aluminium Technik Weißenburg GmbH (ATW GmbH).


Aluminium Technik Weißenburg is Europe’s only full-service provider in the field of aluminium.

ATW GmbH is one of the Aluminium market leaders that provides end-to-end Aluminium solutions including but not limited to : Aluminium Extrusion, Aluminium CNC machining, Aluminium punching, Aluminium Bending, Aluminium sawing , Deburring, Barrel Finishing & Parts Cleaning, Surface finishing, Assembly & Confection, Application Support and Aluminium welding.

ATW GmbH head quarter locates in Mackenmühle 20, 91785 Pleinfeld, Germany, website: https://www.alutw.de

Why Choose Us

First Class Quality

We commit to provide first class quality products ,Aluminium Innovation GmbH products quality are continuously assured through regular inspection and strict quality assurance process

Guaranteed delivery time

For our customer orders, they can arrange shipment in time and follow up at any time. Ensure that our customer orders are delivered on time

Customer focus

Our customer satisfaction is our main concern, we built up our design, production, delivery process to not only meet our customer demands but rather to exceed their expectations!

After Sale

We adhere to our customers concerns, we respond actively & promptly to our customers complaints.We address & solve any issue may raise up after order delivery.

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