Technical Specifications

Flush Mounted Expansion Joint Profile suitable for Industrial Structures because of the resistance to forklift load, and also it has flat top surface and this flat surface makes it compatible to hygenic areas such as hospitals and shoping malls. It`s EPDM gasket allows sound-proof. AR 700 Series Products deliver assembled.

Width: 100 mm
Height-Load Capacity:  50 mm | Resistant to 30 tones vehicle and 6,5 tones forklift load. (AR 720-100 which has 17 mm height resistant to pedestrian load)
Movement Capacity: +/-20 mm
Profile Length: 4 lm
 Alternative Leg Heights  AR720-100 H:17mm | AR721-100 H:30 | AR722-100 H:40mm | AR724-100 H:60mm | AR725-100 H:70mm
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