Technical Specifications

The flooring tiles would be deformed due to thermal expansion and various reasons. Movement joints are needed to absorb energy that can be between structure and the tile because of differing amounts of expansion. The movement joints and control joint profiles of ARFEN DP stainless steel series offer functional and long-life solutions for all movement joints in tile and ceramic coverings. Arfen movement joints are installed when tile covering.. ARFEN offers wide range of movement joint profiles in stainless steel, aluminum and PVC are available. ARFEN DP series suitable for application with marble, ceramics, terrazzo , stone and other similar materials.

DP11 :The middle part of profiles is TPV and the edges are made of stainless steel. The minimum application in the interior 4.80 mt x 4.80 mt and the maximum application area 6.00 mt x 6.00 mt. However, if the areas will exposed to moisture or sunlight the minimum of application must be 3.60 mt x 3.60 mt , maximum application must be 4.80 mt x 4.80 mt.

According to demand, neopren can be produced instead of TPV  

Height of Profile: 25 mm
Width: 10 mm
Profile Length: 3,00LM
Color Alternatives: Grey and Cream
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